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According to recent news reports, more people now shop online using mobile phones instead of computers and laptops. Are you falling behind by not shopping online using mobile phones? The key to a great experience is having the right shopping apps. Here are the top 10 apps you should consider downloading today.


Also recommended is this article on PC Mag on the same subject. After reviewing the video above and reading the article we've linked to, you should be ready to get started with mobile shopping like a pro.

Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid

online dating woman

Online dating is immensely popular and most people I know have tried out at least a couple of dating sites. But surprisingly, most people who date online just wing it, without approaching dating in a more well-planned manner. At the very least, you should read some tips on dating and know some of the most common pitfalls. Here are some online dating mistakes you should try to avoid:

1. Don't place too much emphasis on pics.
Most people who date online tend to make snap judgments based on pictures. It's hard to avoid doing this because it's one of the first things you'll notice about a profile. But you should try to make your decisions based on more comprehensive information. Read the entire profile, evaluate their personality traits, and look at all the pictures before deciding whether or not you want to move along to the next profile. Also, be aware that some people may not look that great in photos but end up being quite attractive to you when you meet them in person.

2. Reserve ultimate judgment until you actually meet.
There is a difference between online and offline chemistry. Sometimes, a person you hit it off with terrifically online may not be that interesting to you once you meet. On the other hand, someone who seems a bit dull in online communications could end up being very appealing to you in person. It's best to therefore view the profile as a starting point, and understand that the information you get from the picture is invariably going to paint an incomplete picture.

3. Draw conclusions about personality based on what you observe, not on what someone claims.
People on dating sites often make claims such as "I have a great sense of humor." Such claims may reflect what someone thinks about themselves, but they are not necessarily based on reality. Even if someone does not claim to have a good sense of humor, if they say things that are funny, you'll know that they do. Therefore, it's best not to give much credence to the personality claims people make.

4. Don't place too much emphasis on small things.
Nobody is going to be exactly everything you're looking for. So don't eliminate people just because there is one or two small things that don't line up with what you want in a partner. Instead, look at the whole picture and start conversing if there are enough big things that you have in common.

While it's important to read as much as possible about online dating before starting, at some point, you need to learn by doing. One thing you can do is obtain a 3-day free trial from and check out online dating for a few days. This will give you some idea of what online dating is like before you have to purchase a membership.

Many dating sites offer a free trial you can use, but I think it's best to get started with a popular site like, since such sites have a lot of activity.

Tips for New Small Businesses

Every day, hundreds or even thousands of people quit their jobs and start their own business. But many people dive into this rather large endeavor without much of a plan or without much though. To help you get started, here are some small business tips you may want to heed if you are getting started with your own business.

small business

1. Incorporate.
This may seem like a hassle, but in the long run, incorporating is the smart way to go because it will limit the amount of liability you have. The easiest and least expensive type of corporation to form is an LLC. Other popular corporations for small businesses are S corporations and LLPs (for partnerships). A good way to incorporate at low cost is by purchasing an incorporation kit from companies like

2. Buy supplies online.
If your businesses uses a lot of supplies (and most businesses do), then you can save a lot of money by purchasing office supplies online. A good combination of things to do is find a good discount office supply store and also use online coupons for additional savings.

Buying online is also a smart thing to do for things like checking products and stationery. For such purchases, I prefer a company called Deluxe, where I can get some of the highest-quality checking products available today. I always make sure I use Deluxe coupons to get the best prices I can when I place an order with this company. Visit for the latest Deluxe Checks coupons.

3. Establish a web presence.
Building a website today is much simpler than it used to be. A lot of free platforms like Wordpress make it possible to create a website with little effort and little to no cost. If you are not web savvy, it shouldn't be difficult to find someone who knows more about the Internet and is willing to help. There are also many how-to guides online as well as books you can purchase to learn the basics on your own.

For most small businesses, a small website is more than sufficient. If you can, you should, however, get a logo designed as this will increase the professional look of your business. If you search for a logo designer online, you can usually have an attractive logo designed for well under $100.

Online Dating Does Not Have to be Scary

Online dating sites are everywhere, and even someone who is not familiar with online dating have no doubt heard of popular sites such as Tinder, eHarmony, and Despite its popularity, some people still avoid dating sites, finding them to be unsafe. Every once in a while, there are news stories of people who are victims of crimes as a result of using a dating site. This makes many people question the safety of using a dating site.

But online dating does not necessarily have to be a scary prospect. In the vast majority of cases, it is very possible to find a good match without putting yourself at risk in any way, shape or form. All it takes it being a bit careful and following a few simple rules. Here are some quick rules you should keep in mind if you use a dating site:

1. Do not give away personal information until you get to know someone well. You do not want people to have your phone number of know where you live until you absolutely trust the other person.

2. For your first face-to-face encounter, meet in a public place. This way, you will be among other people, thus ensuring your safety. A cafe, restaurant, or bar can be a great spot for a first meeting.

3. Do a background check on someone before you meet them. There are many services online that you can sign up for, and all you need to do is type in the name of the individual to find out if they have a criminal record. You don't necessarily have to exclude someone because they have a criminal record, since some offenses such as DUIs may not reflect that badly on someone. What you do want to look out for, however, are people with a history of violence, theft, or other more serious crimes.

My favorite online dating website continues to be, simply because they have good members and a very large database of people you can potentially date. If you take advantage of a free trial, you can even use the site for free for a short period of time. To get the free trial, simply go to

On the other hand, if you are beyond the point of dating and want a serious relationship that leads to marriage, eHarmony is a popular site that might fit the bill for you. For more about online dating, check out my article about online dating mistakes.

The best ecig batteries to buy for newbies

ecig batteryIf you are new to vaping, you will no doubt feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options you have. Chief among the choices you must make at the outset is what kind of e-cigarette battery to purchase. For newcomers, two models remain the top choices: The KR808 and the 510. The reason these two electronic cigarette batteries are so popular is because they are generally the same size as traditional cigarettes, making the transition easier to make. In addition, both batteries are easy to use, only requiring a cartomizer to be attached to the battery for someone to start vaping right away.

Visually, the KR808 and 510 batteries look almost identical. The only real difference is in the threading. Many popular ecig stores such as Vapor4Life, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs offer ecigs that use the KR808 battery. Most ecig users however inevitably begin to modify their ecig setups, and when you reach this state, the 510 has more options because its battery threading is widely used. However, for your first battery, you need not concern yourself about this, since you’ll likely go through a couple batteries before you reach the stage where you begin making serious modifications.

Another choice you must make in terms of batteries is whether to choose an automatic or manual battery. With a manual battery, you must depress a small button before you begin inhaling the vapor. With an automatic battery, however, the device is automatically activated when you start to inhale. For simplicity’s sake, most beginners prefer the automatic battery. In addition, the automatic battery works most similarly to regular cigarettes.

I recommend getting a starter kit or a KR808 battery and cartomizers from Volcano Ecig. This is an excellent ecig store that offers tons of coupons (which you can get from and a good selection of high quality batteries, along with some great ecig flavors. I personally bought the Volcano Lavatube, and am very pleased with the purchase.

As a side note, I have also noticed that e-cigarettes are less likely to irritate my eyes when I wear contact lenses.

The pros and cons of refilling printer ink

When you need to buy printer ink, you generally have three choices. First, you can buy a brand new cartridge, which is the easiest, most hassle-free way to get new ink. The downside is that the cost will be the highest if you take this road.

how to buy ink onlineAnother thing you can do is buy compatible or remanufactured cartridges. The only caveat when doing this is that your purchase your cartridge from a well-known vendor. I recommend online stores such as 4 inkjets and Inkfarm if you want to explore the possibility of getting reasonably priced remanufactured cartridges. On the whole you will discover that remanufactured cartridges cost a few dollars less than a brand new cartridge. They are, however, somewhat less reliable.

Last but not least, you can refill empty ink cartridges and re-use them. A lot of people consider this option, so let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of doing this:


  • You save money
    You need to purchase something called an Ink Refill Kit, which generally costs about the same price as 1 or 2 new cartridge. This will then allow you to refill cartridges multiple times. I haven’t bothered to make exact calculations, but I think in the end, you’ll find yourself paying less than half for each cartridge you use.


  • It is time consuming and messy
    Especially for your first time, expect the process to be messy and somewhat time-consuming. As you get used to refilling ink, you should get a lot better and faster.
  • Refilled cartridges may not work well
    There are many problems that can arise from refilled cartridges. Some may not work at all. Others may print out documents in the wrong color. Oftentimes, you printer will not recognize how much ink is left in your cartridge.

The ideal solution, as far as I’m concerned, is remanufactured cartridges. If you buy them using Inkfarm coupon codes, you can get them for a good price, while saving yourself the hassle of refilling cartridges on your own.

Choices every gamer must make

Gaming can cost a lot of money. Not only do you have to buy expensive consoles, you also need to invest quite a bit in the games themselves. If you want to buy special controllers or large TVs to play your games on, that's also an additional cost that can add hundreds of dollars to the amount you spend on your gaming hobby. When it's all added up, gaming can easily cost a thousand dollars or more, each and every year.


If you are just getting into gaming, here are the main choices you will need to make:

  1. Which game console to buy.
    You have quite a few choices in terms of game consoles, but your main ones will be Playstation, Xbox, and Wii. The cost of each system will be roughly the same, so most of it boils down to personal preference. I myself like Playstation, and it is by far the most popular choice. But other people prefer another game console for a variety of reasons.

    Of course, playing games on the PC is also an option. Be aware, however, that playing games on a PC in most cases will not be possible unless you upgrade your graphics card. In addition, your selection of games may be somewhat more limited, depending on the type of games you are interested in playing. If you are mostly interested in MMORPGs or RPGs, however, using the PC may end up being a better choice for you.

  2. To buy or rent games.
    This decision can end up saving you hundreds of dollars. If you are someone who has a lot of money, then buying games is a good choice, even though it will end up costing you more. It's quite nice to have your own video game library, and I do have some friends who are well-off and enjoy having their own collection of games. For the rest of us, however, buying each game we want to play can quickly get very costly. And because of this unfortunate fact, you may find that renting games is ultimately the better choice for you.

    Fortunately, there are a few ways you can go about renting video games. The best way, in my opinion, is to use a game rental service like Gamefly. This will give you the ability to rent out games using a membership site. The games you choose will be send to you in the mail, and you will be able to enjoy the games for as long as you like. Depending on the Gamefly membership plan you choose, you will be able to rent out either one or two games at a time. To learn more about how this works, and to obtain a Gamefly free trial offer, go to this link.

    Another option is to rent games from Red Box. This is definitely convenient, and you can get your game right away, as opposed to having to wait for it, which is what you would have to do with a service like Gamefly. That said, games rented from Red Box usually cost $3 per day (prices may differ depending on where you live). Considering that a Gamefly membership is only $15 a month, renting from Red Box will therefore end up costing you more money in most cases. In addition, the selection of games available to you will be a lot less than what you can rent from Gamefly.

Are there slot systems that really work?

slot machinesEvery now and then, I read about slot systems you can use to consistently win at slots. I always suspected that such systems are complete scams, and after doing a bit of research, I now know for a fact that this is true. Even if you think about it logically, slots are the most random game in the casino, and it doesn't make sense that you can consistently increase your chances of winning a game that relies on pure luck.

That said, there are some strategies that help you do better in slots. Here are a few:

1. Choose casinos that have looser slot machines. You will have to do some research to find out which casinos have the loosest slots. In Vegas, they will be the casinos that are not on the strip. In some cases, the machines will advertise their pay out rates. An example of this would be a machine that says "97% payouts" or something similar. Obviously, if you see such advertisements, you want to keep track of them and choose the machines with the highest payout rates.

2. Don't play machines with high jackpots, such as megabucks. On such machines, a big portion of what you bet goes to the jackpot, and unless you happen to win the huge jackpot (which is highly unlikely), you will lose more money in the long run. By contrast, a machine with a low jackpot tends to pay out more, and you will do better overall.

3. Use a slot rewards card. These cards will track how much you play, and depending your amount of play, you may qualify for free meals, show tickets, and other benefits. Every Vegas casino will offer a slots card, but at smaller, local casinos, the availability of such cards may vary. Some people are worries that these types of cards will track your winnings and "tighten" the slot machines if you are winning too much. This is a myth, and you should therefore take advantage of these cards without worrying that they will affect how much you win.


The same general principles apply if you play at an online slot casino. These days, I sometimes opt to play slots online since it is a lot easier than driving out to a casino. Moreover, the best online casinos offer an experience that rival the feeling of actually being in a casino (especially if you have a large computer screen). For privacy reasons, I use dogecoin when I play at online casinos, but unfortunately, not all casinos accept them. Go to the following site to view where you can play at a dogecoin casino, and enjoy dogecoin slots as well as dogecoin poker, and other games.