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Are there slot systems that really work?

slot machinesEvery now and then, I read about slot systems you can use to consistently win at slots. I always suspected that such systems are complete scams, and after doing a bit of research, I now know for a fact that this is true. Even if you think about it logically, slots are the most random game in the casino, and it doesn't make sense that you can consistently increase your chances of winning a game that relies on pure luck.

That said, there are some strategies that help you do better in slots. Here are a few:

1. Choose casinos that have looser slot machines. You will have to do some research to find out which casinos have the loosest slots. In Vegas, they will be the casinos that are not on the strip. In some cases, the machines will advertise their pay out rates. An example of this would be a machine that says "97% payouts" or something similar. Obviously, if you see such advertisements, you want to keep track of them and choose the machines with the highest payout rates.

2. Don't play machines with high jackpots, such as megabucks. On such machines, a big portion of what you bet goes to the jackpot, and unless you happen to win the huge jackpot (which is highly unlikely), you will lose more money in the long run. By contrast, a machine with a low jackpot tends to pay out more, and you will do better overall.

3. Use a slot rewards card. These cards will track how much you play, and depending your amount of play, you may qualify for free meals, show tickets, and other benefits. Every Vegas casino will offer a slots card, but at smaller, local casinos, the availability of such cards may vary. Some people are worries that these types of cards will track your winnings and "tighten" the slot machines if you are winning too much. This is a myth, and you should therefore take advantage of these cards without worrying that they will affect how much you win.


The same general principles apply if you play at an online slot casino. These days, I sometimes opt to play slots online since it is a lot easier than driving out to a casino. Moreover, the best online casinos offer an experience that rival the feeling of actually being in a casino (especially if you have a large computer screen). For privacy reasons, I use dogecoin when I play at online casinos, but unfortunately, not all casinos accept them. Go to the following site to view where you can play at a dogecoin casino, and enjoy dogecoin slots as well as dogecoin poker, and other games.