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Online Dating Does Not Have to be Scary

Online dating sites are everywhere, and even someone who is not familiar with online dating have no doubt heard of popular sites such as Tinder, eHarmony, and Despite its popularity, some people still avoid dating sites, finding them to be unsafe. Every once in a while, there are news stories of people who are victims of crimes as a result of using a dating site. This makes many people question the safety of using a dating site.

But online dating does not necessarily have to be a scary prospect. In the vast majority of cases, it is very possible to find a good match without putting yourself at risk in any way, shape or form. All it takes it being a bit careful and following a few simple rules. Here are some quick rules you should keep in mind if you use a dating site:

1. Do not give away personal information until you get to know someone well. You do not want people to have your phone number of know where you live until you absolutely trust the other person.

2. For your first face-to-face encounter, meet in a public place. This way, you will be among other people, thus ensuring your safety. A cafe, restaurant, or bar can be a great spot for a first meeting.

3. Do a background check on someone before you meet them. There are many services online that you can sign up for, and all you need to do is type in the name of the individual to find out if they have a criminal record. You don't necessarily have to exclude someone because they have a criminal record, since some offenses such as DUIs may not reflect that badly on someone. What you do want to look out for, however, are people with a history of violence, theft, or other more serious crimes.

My favorite online dating website continues to be, simply because they have good members and a very large database of people you can potentially date. If you take advantage of a free trial, you can even use the site for free for a short period of time. To get the free trial, simply go to

On the other hand, if you are beyond the point of dating and want a serious relationship that leads to marriage, eHarmony is a popular site that might fit the bill for you. For more about online dating, check out my article about online dating mistakes.