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The best ecig batteries to buy for newbies

ecig batteryIf you are new to vaping, you will no doubt feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options you have. Chief among the choices you must make at the outset is what kind of e-cigarette battery to purchase. For newcomers, two models remain the top choices: The KR808 and the 510. The reason these two electronic cigarette batteries are so popular is because they are generally the same size as traditional cigarettes, making the transition easier to make. In addition, both batteries are easy to use, only requiring a cartomizer to be attached to the battery for someone to start vaping right away.

Visually, the KR808 and 510 batteries look almost identical. The only real difference is in the threading. Many popular ecig stores such as Vapor4Life, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs offer ecigs that use the KR808 battery. Most ecig users however inevitably begin to modify their ecig setups, and when you reach this state, the 510 has more options because its battery threading is widely used. However, for your first battery, you need not concern yourself about this, since you’ll likely go through a couple batteries before you reach the stage where you begin making serious modifications.

Another choice you must make in terms of batteries is whether to choose an automatic or manual battery. With a manual battery, you must depress a small button before you begin inhaling the vapor. With an automatic battery, however, the device is automatically activated when you start to inhale. For simplicity’s sake, most beginners prefer the automatic battery. In addition, the automatic battery works most similarly to regular cigarettes.

I recommend getting a starter kit or a KR808 battery and cartomizers from Volcano Ecig. This is an excellent ecig store that offers tons of coupons (which you can get from and a good selection of high quality batteries, along with some great ecig flavors. I personally bought the Volcano Lavatube, and am very pleased with the purchase.

As a side note, I have also noticed that e-cigarettes are less likely to irritate my eyes when I wear contact lenses.